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I am a strong advocate for ensuring all children have access to a great education that will equip them with the necessary skills to thrive later in life!

I am a Colorado native and a product of Jeffco Schools, graduating from Arvada High School. I grew up with a single mom.  By 6th grade I babysat every day after school to pay for my clothes, my entertainment, and my own school lunch.

I put myself through college and became a healthcare professional in 1988. I worked my way up and I have spent the past twenty-four years managing one of the largest orthodontic offices in the state that focuses on school age children. I love building relationships with the hundreds of families we serve each week. It affords me the opportunity to hear their diverse school experiences.

My husband is also a Colorado native and product of Jeffco Schools. We met at North Arvada Jr High, dated in High School and were married at age eighteen. We purchased our first home when we were twenty. We have been married twenty-eight years and have 2 children. Our youngest is a gifted child and our oldest is a child with special needs, a child with Autism.

Currently, I serve as Co-Chair of SEAC the Special Education Advisory Committee to Jeffco
Schools where I have
been an active member for over four years. It has been exciting to see how being involved can make a difference in the life of a child. Over the years I have been involved in many different facets of the special needs community and have been truly blessed by them.

I value time with my family. We enjoy family outings, movie, and game nights. As a family we are also active members in our church. We are thankful for our extended family and many friends whose diversity enriches our lives with love and support! 

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